The Objective Truth - About A Lot Of Things
    You may not like it, believe it, or understand it - but it's still true.
2020 Has Given Us Bad And Good News

Some of the bad news: Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy! has died.
Alex was a true gentleman. Calm, educated, and articulate, he was the embodiment of class.

The good news?   Trump has lost the election.
A sexist, racist, uneducated boor, Trump represented the worst that America - or any other country - has ever produced.

R.I.P.   Alex.
Fuck off, Trump.
First, What Is The "Truth"?
It might surprise you to learn there are 3 kinds of truth.

Objective Truth:   This is the only truth that really matters. Also known as scientific objectivity, it is something that is true for everyone, whether they agree with it or not. Objective Truths can be tested, observed, and recorded.

Personal Truth:   Also called subjective truth, it is really just a belief or opinion. It is true to the person who believes it, but isn't necessarily true for everyone. Personal truth has no effect on reality.

Political Truth:   Sometimes called Argumentum ad populum, it is trying to make people believe something is true by repeating it over and over.

It also means believing in something because many or most people think that it's true. But no matter how many people believe something, that doesn't necessarily make it true or right.

An example would be believing that Trump is a good president, or God exists. But no matter how many people believe these things, they are just two examples of mass delusion.

Have you had enough of Ford yet?
Most people are tired of this "Mini-Trump"

July 27, 2020.
The Ontario premier Doug Ford has slammed more than 200 "reckless and careless" people who attended a massive party in Brampton, Ont., saying the full extent of the law needs to be thrown at these "yahoos."

What about the obese yahoo who told people, "Don't go the the cottage on the May 24th weekend" and then went to his cottage.

What about the pathetic excuse for a leader who had two of his daughters who live in different households visiting his home over Mother's Day weekend, thereby breaking Ontario's prescribed COVID-19 physical distancing measures.

What about the clown and his minions who defended bylaw officers who ticketed people for going to a Toronto park, then took seifies of each other in the same park.

I am getting sick and tired of these overbearing, over-bloated tyrants who think they are beyond the rules and above the law.

Ford released a list of "essential businesses" that experts labeled "politically motivated". Like any bully, he has blustered and threatened, yapping on about laws against profiteering, and commercial evictions. But try to find evidence of these laws. They don't appear to exist.

Just like that other arrogant ass Donald Trump, Ford has always taken the politically expedient route - and ignored the needs of the people who so foolishly voted him into office.

When the next election comes around I hope that mistake won't be repeated.

What Would A 6-Year-Old Do?

If a child wants to make something more important or exciting, what to they do?
They add color.
"This part is red, and this is yellow...."
Really? Like Red Zones and Yellow Zones?
These politicians should grow up. Those color codes don't impress adults.

What does a child do when they don't get their own way?
They sulk, threaten, or try to bully people.
"You better watch out. I'm gonna come after you....."
Really? Like threatening commercial landlords, and profiteers, and party-goers, and small businesses that are trying to survive?
Children don't do anything. They just make threats.
These politicians should grow up. Those threats don't impress adults.

What is a child's favorite weapon?
Name-calling. Using inaccurate labels to insult people.
"What a bunch of yahoos...." or Those clowns....
Here's a dose of reality for Ontario's 6-year-old premiere. People who go to the beach, or attend parties, or social gatherings are not yahoos or clowns.
They are the citizens that Ford has utterly failed to protect and serve.

Many articles on these pages are critical of government and presumed authorities. These are not insults. They are - in the opinion of this writer - accurate physical and mental descriptions of the leadership that has failed us all.

And the voters are to blame. Democracy only works if the citizens are smart enough to see through the veil of smarmy bullshit, and vote for the candidate based on their experience and ability.

Voting based on political affiliation is the surest road to disasters like Trump and Ford.
The Huge Covid Lie.   And It Keeps Growing
The world really needs to wake up to the truth.

Here is the only "new normal" you must accept: Covid is here to stay.
It isn't going away, and it won't be wiped out. Covid will become as common as the common cold.

There won't be a vaccine because the virus keeps evolving. Eventually there will be a Covid Shot, just like the Flu Shot. And it will be just as hit-and-miss as the Flu Shot is.

Governments and health experts are squawking about "the second wave". They are finding record numbers of new cases - at the same time they are completing a record number of new tests. Anybody else see the connection? The more people they test, the more cases they find. But, what the 'authorities' don't mention is how few people are dying in this second wave.

The reason is brutally simple: Most of the people who were susceptible to Covid died in the first wave. People with coronary and arterial diseases were vulnerable. And obesity was the primary factor.

And, who cares about the number of 'new' cases.
The number of cases is completely irrelevant.
Because not everybody has been tested.   So these cases might have been here all along, and the self-styled 'authorities' didn't know about it.

When would the number of new cases be meaningful?
Test everybody in Canada within 24 hours.
Wait 4 or 5 days, then test everybody in Canada again, and compare the two numbers. The difference would tell you if this flu is increasing or decreasing.

But why test people at all?   So, you test positive. Then what?   There is no drug, no cure, no real help.
The only treatment is symptomatic.   If you can't breathe the nurse gives you oxygen.   If you get really sick you can go to the hospital to die.   That's about it.

The only real winners are the companies manufacturing the test kits and providing the results.
The only losers are the front-line heath-care workers who are needlessly put at risk conducting these pointless tests.

If you read the news with the certain knowledge that all politicians are liars and the news media is only reporting bad news, then you will begin to see the lies for yourself.

Lies like: The 2020 'flu season.'   Wait a minute.   How can there be a flu season when everybody is wearing masks and keeping 6 feet apart?
Is it because the masks that most people wear are totally ineffective - and viruses travel more than 15 feet in normal conversation?
Yeah. Could be.

Another Lie: Gyms and dance studios can remain open, but restaurants, patios, and strip joints are shut down.   What's that smell?
The nauseating odor of bribes and kick-backs - otherwise known as campaign contributions.

At the beginning of November Canada's top doctors and experts say a mask should be 3 layers thick to provide proper protection.
WTF?   This flu nonsense has been around since March, and they waited 8 months to drop this pearl of wisdom.
Is it any wonder people have Covid Fatigue?

The list of lies goes on and on.
So, protect yourself - and stop trusting political leaders, experts, and authorities. They are only interested in serving themselves.
The Time Change - Again?
Once again the politicians have failed.

It was such an easy decision:   Eliminate the seasonal time change.

What does the time change do to our bodies? It is a shock to the bodies' internal clock, much like the jet lag experienced after flying across time zones.

Real medical research shows that the disruption to the internal clock can cause increased rates of car accidents, heart attacks, stroke, weight gain, anxiety, and workplace injuries. There are many reasons, both biological and financial, why the time change is a bad idea.

Daylight saving time started in Ontario in 1918, and apparently the politicians haven't advanced since then. Ontario could put an end to bi-annual clock changes and permanently adapt daylight saving time if they had any backbone.

But Ontario's leaders say the change would only happen if New York and Quebec did the same.
What a bunch of pussies.

Saskatchewan stopped the time-change nonsense in 1972 - almost 48 years ago. This year Yukon scrapped the time change - without waiting for Alaska and British Columbia to do the same.

It seems there are some leaders with balls.
Ontario's leader just has rolls.

More Covid Lies and Distortions.
November 12, 2020:

Lately there have been news stories about what "COVID-19 modeling" suggests, and the potential disaster of the (much overblown) second wave.
Computer modeling?   Really?   Now these "experts" are asking a computer to look into the future.

The output from computer modeling depends on the information provided, and what the computer is asked to do with that information.   The predictions are no more accurate than any mystic, medium, or Ouija Board would give you.

And who are these "experts" anyway?   Every news site is quoting these unnamed "experts" to lend importance to their op-ed pieces.
Enough already!   Name the 'Expert' you are referring to. Provide a link to the 'Study' you are quoting.
Basically - put up or shut up.

Mature, intelligent people are suffering from Covid fatigue. The politicians in Canada - and particularly Ontario - have really dropped the ball. A million people out of work, hundreds of businesses closed, and the economy completely rat-fucked.

Our children will be paying for this mess for the next twenty years - and not a single life was saved.
Biden Wins.   Trump Loses.
The world breaths a sigh of relief

The reign of the great orange baboon is coming to an end.
January 2021 should be very entertaining, as we watch Trump being dragged from the White House - kicking and screaming like the 6-year-old he is.

The only deeply troubling issue is the number of people who voted for Trump the second time.

We can understand why people - mostly uneducated white men - voted for him the first time.
Trump promised to control immigration, get tough on crime, cut taxes, and bring back good jobs.
Problem is, he didn't do any of that.

Trump's immigration policies were illegal, and blocked by the courts. Crime statistics remain largely unchanged, and the police are out of control. Rich people had their taxes cut, while middle income families will pay more. Finally, almost all the new jobs are only part-time and pay minimum wage.

So why would any sane person vote for Trump a second time?
The question answers itself.
A Message To The Media:
Stop Using Stock Photos!

We all know what police cars look like, and police hats, and police tape, and police badges, and so on.
If you don't have a photo of the actual incident then don't use a photo at all.

All news and media outlets should have original photos. Everybody has a phone, and all phones have cameras, so why is anybody using stock photos?

Maybe if 'journalists' got off their asses and covered real news stories (and took a couple of pictures at the same time) instead of sitting around writing opinion pieces, then the news might be worth reading.
Have You Ever Noticed....

Movie Screens are horizontal.
Car windshields are horizontal.
Televisions are horizontal.
Computer monitors are horizontal.
So why are so many idiots still filming vertically?

And while we're on the subject....

What is going on here?
Is it because the fool who took the photo or cropped the photo is incompetent?
Or is the page layout nerd so anal that they insist all photos must be landscape orientation?

Either way..... Stop It!